Alcudia and its walls

From Mallorca Taxi Service, we want to introduce to you one of the best-loved towns of Mallorca. To understand the first inhabitants of this beautiful enclave on the shores of the Mediterranean, we have to… Seguir leyendo »

Alaró and its castle

From Mallorca Taxi Service, we wish for all of you to discover the different treasures, town by town, of Mallorca, the island where the mountains and the sea come together. This month it is Alaró’s… Seguir leyendo »

Sa Calobra, 800 curves to paradise

At Mallorca Taxi Service, we are committed to take you to every last corner of Mallorca, so that you may learn about its stories and peculiarities. What does it matter whether we go by bus,… Seguir leyendo »

Welcome to Mallorca Taxi Service!

If you came all the way here, we guess that we already know each other. You will already know that we are a professional company specialised in transfer services between the Palma de Mallorca airport… Seguir leyendo »